Il Vanto del Vento

Il Vanto del Vanto won the 2nd prize at CREA IL LIBRO DEL FUTURO, a contest held by PubCoder startup, De Agostini Libri and Zooppa. The prize took place at Children’s Book Fair in Bologna, on march 2014, and the eBook was 2 out of 250. Quite a result for a very poetic story about two clouds falling in love while floating all over the world. Besides a workload of patience (the entire developement process has been a sort of beta-testing), I was in charge of authoring with PubCoder, a brand new eBook tool very promising and quite easy to use. The eBook is currently on sale on iTunes store only. Go to iTunes Reviews PubCoder authoring Main Soundtrack Client: De Agostini Libri
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Scuola di Danza Tersicore

For over 40 years, Tersicore Ballet School supplies their students with top class dance teachers, aiming to both form them all as professionals and to spread as wide as possible Dance study as an educational social added value. Rebrand mainly focuses on the SCHOOL main concept, by merging the lettering into student dancer’s body in a modern and stylish fashion. Barbara Di Pasquale was asked to turn all inputs into reality with a classy spot, while I took care of main soundtrack. See full project and video Client: Scuola di Danza Tersicore
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