Itinero is a book. No wait, Itinero is an experience sharing app. Nope, Itinero is your inner travel mate. It a pretty ambitious mobile project, aimed to help users in planning their journey in the most comprehensive way possible. Once setup is complete, Itinero asks users to think about that special word and that special image that will eventually BE the journey. Day by day, you’ll find your diaries full of wise concept to be shared with your friends, workmates, relatives and so on: you’ll become the travel rockstar, and Itinero is your secret weapon. Well, whatever Itinero will turn out to be, it’s been fun to help out. Creativity, wireframing, UX, design Client: GN Studio
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Politics and politicians play a relevant part of every day citizen’s life, here in Italy. I would add the worst one, if I may. Whatever, during last election’s tournament there’s been an information overload, also due to the natural politic’s attitude to be as transparent as the recent BP oil spill: room enough for an application with which citizen X (read: ME) could easily compare different programs at once, thus quickly deciding which way to go in order to not entirely waste his vote. Introducing X-RAY, a lightweight app that allows you to do exactly this: stay informed, compare and choose as wisely as you possibly can. And don’t forget to cross your fingers as well… 🙂 Main concept, wireframing, UI/UX, design Client: Gruppo Wizards
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Course for Me

Ever wondered about a specific topic you might be interested in learning? Wonder no more: Course for Me is here to help you. This smart mobile app is your SwissArmy knife on your way to Absolute Knowledge… Or simply a very good tool for learning on the go. Creativity, design Client: Course for Me
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