So this is me, somewhere around 5 or 6.
I probably just learned one of the very first lifetime lessons: never - ever - put your fingers in a fresh-made pie, unless you're ready to pay the bill...
I probably wasn't, at those times, nevertheless my stripy t-shirt looked so cool over those checkers pants!
Then, suddenly, you morph yourself into a new waveish teenager grew up with Joy Division and again, after a while, you begin your career as a professional designer - approx late '89.
I would call it my e-learning paintings period.
Then it was 1993 when a small e-learning S.r.l. co-founded with some friends turned into a top euro S.p.A., after which (about 7 years later) I decided it was just time to enter the agency-oriented magic world of advertising and communications: over 6 years spent as digital art director in all-media campaigns.

It's more than 40 years since that crying day: I do not put my fingers into fresh-made pies anymore, but I still play as digital designer, as a consultant. Feel free to drop me a line, if you're in the need of 25 years of experience in this field.
I know one day we'll be all catching the Big Wave @ Byron Bay (lovely place, by the way), but in the meantime I enjoy life with my beautiful family and get relaxed playing poker with old mates Patrick Bateman, Dexter Morgan and Walter White.

Enough, these days.